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Mulgrave Estate - a Hidden Gem

We happened across the fabulous Mulgrave Estate purely by chance after spotting a castle on our OS map. This fabulous castle and grounds is a wonderful place to walk during the weekend and is a quiet haven for escaping the busy Whitby summer streets.

Paul and I recently spotted a castle indicated in Sandsend on our OS map and as we never knew there was one there, we decided to investigate.  It turned out that there is indeed a fabulous little Norman castle hidden within a private woodland estate, which can be accessed through multiple points in and around Lythe and Sandsend.  This is not advertised at all, but is actually offers free access to the public every Saturday and Sunday throughout the year (except May).

We last went this weekend, so saw fabulous Autumn October colour in the expansive woodlands surrounding the castle.  Grouse and pheasants happily trotted around and children were collecting conkers from the hundreds of Horse Chesnut trees.  Our favourite has to be the beck, whch meanders through the estate; plus the fantastic castle on the hill, which gives terrific views of the valley beyond and is a great place to stop for a picnic.

Mulgrave Beck

To access the Mulgrave Estate, we park at the car park opposite the entrance to Raithwaite Hall.  If you have a OS map, you can then walk through the Raithwaite Estate and cross country to the Mulgrave Estate.  This is about 5-7 miles round trip in total, depending on your route and you will need your hiking gear.

For an easier route you can park opposite Raithwaite Hall (because it's free!) and walk into Sandsend.  Once across the little bridge, turn left up the private lane and after about 200 metres you will find a gate with a sign for the Mulgrave Estate.  Enter and explore!!  You can get quite lost here and there are no maps about, so keep an eye on which way you go!!  There are proper paths all around, although accessing the castle is a bit of a climb up some steps.  There are no facilities within the grounds, so make sure you take your packed lunch with you or make sure you're back well in time for lunch/dinner at one of the Sandsend eateries :).

For details of a fantastic little walk you can do from Sandsend, please see here: