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Seafood Recommendations in Whitby

We were asked recently by a guest, to provide some restaurant recommendations for seafood lovers. I thought I'd share my response as it might be helpful to others who fancy something more than Whitby fish and chips, although I do love fish and chips too!

'In terms of seafood restaurants, Greens is the best of the higher end restaurants in our view, but you will indeed need to book a week in advance.

The White Horse and Griffin isn't a seafood restaurant as such, but does a mean seafood sharing platter. You will need to book, but the night before would probably be OK. White Horse and Griffin

The Marine is good but their menu is a bit dull in my view.  Great oysters though!

For somewhere a bit cheaper, the Magpie is fantastic!  Don't have the fish and chips like most people do because they are experts in cooking fish perfectly and so if you're into seafood it's worth trying something different. You basically choose your type of local fish and specify grilled or fried and voila! The halibut is amazing but don't expect fine dining. It's friendly but the decor is a bit like an old aunt's house!


Finally, for fish and chips, everywhere is good! Our favourites though are Mister Chips or Hadleys.'


I hope you like my suggestions, but please leave a comment if you would like to recommend somewhere else too!