Redecoration of Whitby Gardens Apartment

Redecoration of Whitby Gardens Apartment finally finished today!

After being so disappointed with our purple armchairs from Marks and Spencers (they really haven't lasted, even though they are only 4 years old) and we got fed up with stains on that terrible impractical white carpet, we decided to have a bit of an overhaul of our Whitby Gardens Apartment.

WG kitchenwg living room













Gone is the purple in the living room and it's in with the jewel blue!  We've freshened up the walls throughout and replaced that white carpet with a more practical subtle grey stripe.  We have also replaced the kitchen tiles with Karndean, as there were cracks appearing from things being dropped on them......Karndean will be far more forgiving!

Our armchairs are now from John Lewis, who we love!  The rug was specially made for us by Rug Couture, which is a great company that can make pretty much any rug to your specifications.

So it all sounds more practical doesn't it?  But we haven't replaced style for practicality, we have just been mindful of how people use our apartments and considered what will make their stays more comfortable and easier; whilst making sure it is still as lovely as before (if not better!).

We hope you like it!  I will add more photos as I take them :).

Joanne x