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What next for Interior Design?

Having just completed the interior for our Whitby Harbour Apartment, we're looking at the next project, but for the first time in ages I'm feeling uninspired by the interior magazines and blogs I read.
Pulling Hair Out  

A diary of the purchase of Whitby Harbour Apartment

Although first viewed in December 2013, we didn't officially offer until April 2014. It's taken some time to wade through, but the purchase is slowly going through!

Loving Yellow and Grey Room Decor

I am so inspired by images of grey and yellow rooms I have seen on Pinterest recently. I am definitely going to do something like that in my next project!

Expanding Whitby Holiday Home?!

Whitby Holiday Home is looking to expand its business

Purchase of our new luxury holiday apartment is nearly complete!

Exchanged contracts on new Whitby Pad!