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Summer 2016 Restaurant Recommendations

As we have tried most restaurants in Whitby and the surrounding areas, we can recommend some great places to eat during your holidays. There are loads, so you will have plenty of choice!
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Seafood Recommendations in Whitby

We were asked recently by a guest, to provide some restaurant recommendations for seafood lovers. I thought I'd share my response as it might be helpful to others who fancy something more than Whitby fish and chips, although I do love fish and chips too!

Our All New Top Ten Restaurants in Whitby - 2015

We are often asked for dinner advice on where is best to eat in Whitby. We do eat out quite a lot whilst we are in Whitby and so do regularly try new places. We thought we would therefore publish a list of our favourite places to eat in and around Whitby in 2015
Live Like Royalty in Whitby  

Live like Royalty in Whitby

Paul and I treated ourselves to a wonderful champagne breakfast at The Marine in Whitby last weekend, and it got us thinking about what other luxury holiday things could we recommend to those wanting to add a bit of glamour to their hols.
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Mulgrave Estate - a Hidden Gem

We happened across the fabulous Mulgrave Estate purely by chance after spotting a castle on our OS map. This fabulous castle and grounds is a wonderful place to walk during the weekend and is a quiet haven for escaping the busy Whitby summer streets.
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Whitby Christmas Market

The first ever Whitby Christmas Market has generated a lot of excitement, but did it live up to the hype?

Expanding Whitby Holiday Home?!

Whitby Holiday Home is looking to expand its business

What's Hot and Not in Whitby Dining

Whitby offers a wide range of culinary experiences. We have tried to provide guidance on our favourite places to eat and the ones to avoid.

Suitable for small children

Recently we had a guest contact us about the suitability of Whitby for a holiday with small children....well, as we have got our own young son, I was well placed to advise.

Fantastic Weekend at Whitby

Fantastic Weekend at Whitby