Whitby Floods not Effecting Whitby Holiday Home

December 2013 - For guests arriving in Whitby this week, please be reassured that the flooded areas are isolated to low lying areas around the harbour.  Caedmons Prospect occupies an elevated position, well above the flood prone areas and so we remain unaffected.

Whitby is starting to return to normal and the waters receded quickly as the tide went out.  Your holidays are therefore unlikely to be effected greatly, with most businesses opening as normal.  However, as always, please take care when seas are rough to avoid being swept out to sea and be up to speed on tide times which are normally advertised by the Swing Bridge, so as to not get caught by the tide whilst on the beach, which can come in very quickly in Whitby.

We wish our neighbours who have been impacted by the flooding last night all the best and hope that power is resumed to those properties still without heating.

Joanne and Paul McCudden

Published: 06 December 2013