Whitby Jet

Gemstone from local coastal cliffs

Whitby Jet was one of the earliest gemstones used to create artefacts and items of jewelry and has a cultural heritage that extends back to early tool making man. It is the fossilized remains of a tree similar to the monkey puzzle tree from the Jurassic period and is only found along a seven and a half mile stretch of the North Yorkshire coastline centered around Whitby.

Whitby has copious jet shops with a huge array of jewelry for sale, including necklaces, earrings, cuff links, broaches and beads for charm bracelets.

Recently at the UK premier of "The Amazing Spider-Man" actress and model Donna Air arrived wearing Scott Henshall's forth specially crafted Spider-man dress which featured a 20-carat black sapphire mounted in a platinum diamond and Whitby jet black spider.